How do we know that you are the right person to transport our thoughts and feelings into our ceremony?

You will have a feeling from reading my bio as to our symmetry. But you will only truly be sure once we speak and exchange ideas. This could be on facetime or in person.

We like the idea of writing our own vows but don’t know where to begin?

Writing your vows is so personal and I welcome as much participation as you feel you would like to give. I will be there to coach you and encourage you should you choose to do this step.

Neither of us have any writing experience and feel we may not be adequately equipped for this exercise?

There are no grades for vow writing. It is your journey, your promises, your love story. With some gentle encouragement, you will be so proud to reveal what it is you truly feel and read it to one another.

Can children, family, and friends take part in our ceremony?

Too often a wedding can feel stagnant but the inclusion of children, family and friends gives everyone a role in the ceremony and humanizes it.

How long should a wedding ceremony be?

Some officiants will tell you under 30 minutes. I believe that I can keep any length ceremony meaningful if you want to go longer.

When will we see you on our wedding day?

I am reasonably available to be with you if you feel you need some extra comfort pre ceremony, but otherwise I will be there 30 – 45 minutes in advance.

Do we need to have a witness present for our ceremony?

This will depend on which state and which country we are performing the ceremony. In Florida there is no need for a witness.


Do you perform LGBTQ weddings?

I am thrilled to perform any wedding ceremony for anyone.

How long does the process of planning a ceremony take?

I don’t want either of us to rush the creative process but I can work quickly if required. Please book me as soon as you know when you want to get married.

If you plan to elope, check in for a last minute booking and I will do my best to accommodate.


Where are the weddings that you officiate?

I am licensed to officiate marriages and weddings in Florida.  It is important for me to explain the difference between a marriage and a wedding. A marriage is a legal contract between two people where a wedding is the ceremonial celebration of a marriage. I can perform a wedding in a foreign country, but not necessarily the marriage.