amani - [ aa-mah-nee ]  

The Swahili word for peace.

The Hindi word for wishes and aspirations. 


Weddings can be chaotic and everything but peaceful. My job is to help you bring serenity and joy into your special day, which will hopefully set the tone for the rest of your married life. 


If you are reading this, you already know that the most important part of the wedding is the moment when you are pronounced legally married. You also know that what you envision for your ceremony is something that will let your emotions rule the moment, invite your guests to celebrate in your joy, and most importantly, make one another feel complete in a myriad of ways. 



A personalized wedding ceremony takes getting married to a higher level. The grandeur of this commitment is now in your own words - authentic and sincere. Shower yourselves in superlatives and hyperbole, for it is on this day that you are choosing to marry the one you cannot live without.


My creative approach to writing your love story will weave a narrative with expert penmanship to ensure that together we will include the past, the present and the future. 

Whether your wedding is just between the two of you, or, in front of many guests, each word will be carefully chosen in a collaborative process designed to be unique and special to you. 


We will find the humor, the sentiment, the spiritual lightness, and the ceremonial gravitas. You will decide the tone and I will convey your words to give you exactly what you dream of. 


When you choose me to write your love story and pronounce you married, you are choosing to celebrate this milestone in your lives with the tenderness and sentiment that a commitment such as this deserves.


With decades of experience as an event planner, I have the knowledge to jump over the hurdles to ensure that your ceremony is the spiritual and meaningful focal point that it should be. 


Shakespeare in the Park

This is your show and you are the lead actors. I am your director and producer. Behold a sublime script that starts the journey with how you met, when and why and moves it forward to now and then tackles the future.

Spend time constructing your vows and choosing your promises with care and sincerity. Invite friends and family to be interviewed, say a few short words. Create a ceremonial moment. We’ll choose music and decide on the procession. Lets rehearse the night before to ensure that no one tumbles or fumbles.

Interview with each partner separately and together, plus up to 4 guests/family members.

If its an exotic location, I am always ready to jump on a plane.

Amuse Bouche

You have most of the details covered and you want a more straightforward ceremony with personalized vows. We don’t give up on the details of your love story, but we do simplify the interview process to an interview with you as a couple. I still write the story in the most relevant and touching way, I still help you with the vows, and we still leave the guests in tears and smiling as they watch you walk away married.


You want a private ceremony or an elopement but you still want the celebrant to understand who you are and to speak from the heart. You want the joy you share to be celebrated with beautiful words that you can keep in your hearts. I will send you thoughtful questions so I can learn a little more about who you are and insert it into a prewritten ceremony.

Play it

again Sam

You told each other once. And now you want to say it again. Your love has grown stronger, your commitment deeper. Maybe you have children you want to involve, maybe you want to reiterate to the world how deep your love is or maybe it’s just the two of you. You might want to express yourself in a different way or repeat what you already said.  Don’t wait for a special anniversary. Any occasion is the right one. Let’s put your overflowing love on paper.


and Daybreak

Weddings that take place Monday to Thursday or before 4pm on the weekends can be commissioned for lower rates. Same amazing personal service with considerations.



Having been born in South Africa I was exposed to the melodic emotive cadence of different African languages as well as the sounds of the vast plains and savannas. Thus began my romantic quest to duplicate the uncorrupted world of nature. I developed a love for literature and writing which was expressed through my poetry, prose, musings, travel blogs and milestone speeches.


Gratefully, I have experienced many far flung destinations and learned from many exotic cultures the language of tolerance and acceptance.

Europe beckoned and I enthusiastically spent several years living mostly in France and England, before settling in the USA where I married and had 4 sparkling children who all continue to give me checks and balances.


I began catering and event planning 25 years ago in New York City.  Thanks to a global footprint, I had the privilege of planning many events around the world. 

Known for designing unusual and surprising galas, the guests always felt as if they were transported into an adventurous wonderland. I wanted to ensure that this was a day you would not soon forget.


I believe that is the exact same recipe for creating a magnificent wedding ceremony. My goal is to take the elements you share with me, to illuminate who you are and how you got here, why you want to be married, and what your ideal forever world will look like.



As your officiant of love, your celebrant of hope, I am delighted to be a part of this creative process to express your commitment.

Thank you to all those who have entrusted me to be the spokesperson of your heart.



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